Leasing Solutions for Retail Buyers

GreenTree optionally provides 2 years of rent cash back upon signing in exchange for 2 years of property leasing rights. Additionally, GreenTree guarantees customer rent for years 3 -5 at 5%.

Underwriting of the Sales Speed and Pricing

Before acquisition, GreenTree will negotiate and sign with a 3rd party sales vendor to underwrite the sales velocity and obtainable pricing.

Implementation Speed and Experience

Our leasing solution for retail buyers, sales showroom implementation, price list, sales underwriting contract and deposit is finalized and implemented within ~10 days of the first payment.

Experienced Tax Solutions

Having acquired and sold over 350 projects, Tony Jiang has extensive tax underwriting experience. Where some local operators might be overall optimistic about tax considerations, and others might be overly conservative, Tony has vast experience that allows him to accurately underwrite the tax considerations.

Selection of the Sales Rep

Tony Jiang, having managed 6000 agents at Baoyuan, sold 1000 developer projects, and owned 18 sales companies can understand a sales company's strengths and weaknesses better than anyone in the market, especially unfamiliar PE firms. The vendor is chosen based on ability and experience, not just contract terms.