GreenTree Project Distribution

  • 15% Small developer in debt to multiple lenders, GreenTree and developer restructure the debt with the lenders. GreenTree will buyout equity stake of developer and make partial payment to lenders. Clean Assets and restructured debt obligations transferred to new project co.
  • 20% Small developer requires cash to pay construction loan and finish construction. GreenTree makes down payment and purchases equity co/ assets at discount. Developer uses down payment to finish construction. If construction not in time, down payment is converted to full payment and GreenTree can buy entire project at cost of down payment.
  • GreenTree Project Distribution

  • 15% Medium/Large developer contacts GreenTree related sales companies to sell the commercial portion of their residential development. Due to leasing issues, developer internal politics, upper management misalignment of incentives, GreenTree negotiates to purchase the asset outright instead of sales rep service.
  • 30% Medium-Large developer wants to increase revenue turnover, decrease time in project, clean up balance sheet. Will offer discount in exchange for large initial transfer payment.
  • 20% Small-Medium Developer internal politics shareholders unable to implement or decide on repositioning/ lease up risk, lack sales confidence and sales ability, want money to pay for other projects. Project stalls and sells at a discount.
  • Past Projects

    2020 GreenTree Sample 重庆佳兆业 宁波新都会 平湖恒隆嘉荟城 杭州天悦江湾 上海海尚名都  上海绿地领海  贵州贵府
    Type Apartment and Commercial Apartment and Commercial Commercial Apartment Apartment and Commercial Commercial Residence and Commercial
    SQM 67,193 13,217 8,405 15,778 222,271 20,100 51,292
    Payment Period 18 12 12 6 4 2 12
    Price Per SQM 57,000 15,320 11,300 43,702 35,000 23,235 71,265
    Market Price 100,321 28,317 17,783 55,937 38,000 27,600 102,807
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