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Accounting Internship

You'll acquire valuable hands-on experience in the preparation and manipulation of bank data for accounting purposes. Additionally, you'll learn how to make adjustments to balance sheets and income statements. This opportunity will also give you practical exposure to accounting software, equipping you with the essential skills to accurately analyze financial data and contribute to the creation of financial statements.

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ESG Internship

Your role will involve conducting in-depth market research to discover promising investment opportunities in the fields of solar and hydrogen energy. You'll also be responsible for creating complex financial models to evaluate the feasibility of these investments and to proactively identify any associated risks, all while collaborating with expert teams. This internship will furnish you with extensive resources to enhance your understanding of renewable development.

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Finance Internship

You will work in close collaboration with our supervisors and team members to create and manage investment documents for a variety of projects. Your primary focus will be on ensuring these materials are accurate, pertinent, and in line with our business goals. This internship will offer you exposure to the real estate sector, insights into market trends, and an understanding of regulatory frameworks.

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Data Automation Internship

During this internship, you'll engage in the analysis of business operations by collaborating closely with other teams within the company to comprehend these processes and pinpoint opportunities for automation. This experience will offer you practical exposure to automation software tools and empower you with the technical expertise needed to create software solutions.

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IT Internship

In this internship, you'll establish servers and VPNs on the Ubuntu operating system, facilitating seamless and secure collaboration among remote teams to achieve our business goals. Additionally, this experience will equip you with technical expertise in virtual machines, with a focus on using VMware technology.

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Finance and Asset Management(Full time)

We need you have at least 3 years of real estate finance or asset management experience. If you are willing to join us, please send your resume to us: info@greentree.group